Mission & Vision Statement

Mission Statement 

"A concise statement of why we exist."

UA Canada represents world class piping professionals that deliver productivity and safety to the construction industry.

Vision Statement  

"Our vision provides guidance for daily decisions so that people are aiming at the right targets and aspiration of the organization."

To be piping industry's first choice by fostering and promoting professionalism through excellence and accountability.

Values Statement

Values are deeply held beliefs that guide our decision and how we behave on a day-to-day basis.

Quality of Life for our Members and their Families

    •    Strive to provide the best wages and benefits for members and their families
    •    Protect and enhance gains made in collective bargaining
    •    Lobby governing bodies to better the labour code
    •    Protect the rights of workers
    •    Encourage and support social activism
    •    Promote social events with UA Members, their families and the community

Promote World Class Skills

    •    Recruit and develop the best skilled trades people in the industry
    •    Develop world class leaders on all projects
    •    Provide learning opportunities and facilities to develop skills for members and officers
    •    Mentor and share our knowledge to further the abilities of other members
    •    Promote life-long learning to ensure cutting edge capabilities for technological advances

Safety and Productivity at our Worksites

    •    Provide economic benefit to the client
    •    Create accident free worksites - zero tolerance for working unsafely
    •    Develop worksites that can ensure everyone goes home safe and healthy every day
    •    Develop worksites and projects that are based on building tripartite partnerships

Professionalism and Accountability

    •    Adhere to collective agreements and the Standard for Excellence
    •    Be accountable for our actions and results
    •    meet our agreed to expectations
    •    Take initiative and display positive attitude
    •    Work with each other as one team
    •    Promote quality of workmanship on all job sites to broaden UA Member opportunities

Growth Opportunities by Organizing and Recruitment

    •    Promote the benefits of working with UA Members to increase market share
    •    Assess and expand into new and emerging markets and sectors
    •    Build profitable partnerships
    •    Proactively build positive relationships with industry and government
    •    Develop progressive and responsive collective agreements and PLA's

Social Responsibility

While many people would consider social responsibility in terms of a trade union, to be confined to jobsite safety and benefits for union members, nothing could be farther from the truth!

UA Local Union 488 has a long history of supporting charities, hospitals, civic endeavors, and emerging relief efforts both at home and abroad. We are about community. Our members are the coaches, boy scout / girl guide leaders, civic club volunteers, and community advocates that our towns and cities depend upon.

In times of prosperity, our members are proud of the financial support our organization has been able to afford our local charity drives and volunteer association.

UA Local Union 488 believes that strong communities build strong families. If you have a story about your community involvement, please let us know! We'd love to feature your story!