Supplementary Trust Fund Committee Members:

Robert Taylor

Ken Klassen

Kevin Morin

Pascal Contant

Dan Boisvert



This fund is a Group SUB Plan of our members working within the Industrial, Commercial, Institutional and Fabrication sectors and has been approved by Human Resources Development Canada. It does NOT cover members for Pipeline and Sprinkler sector Employers.

As with any plan operated with guidelines set forth by revenue Canada, it must be operated within strict parameters.

Confirmation Of Tuition Expense Form (PDF)

Undergraduate Educational Bursary Form (PDF)

Graduate Degree Educational Bursary Form (PDF)

Ticket Renewal Claim (PDF)

Jury Duty/Witness for the Crown Claim (PDF)

Special Assistance Claim Form (PDF)

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The Local Union 488 Supplementary Benefit Trust Fund was established through negotiations in the Construction Agreement in 1969.

The fund is administered by a Board of Trustees comprised of five (5) Union members elected by the Local Union membership for a three (3) year term in accordance with Article III, Clause 3.01 contained herein.

The Fund is financed by a ten ($0.10) cent per hour earned contribution contained in the current Registration Construction/Institutional/Commercial Agreement.

In order to be eligible for benefits from this fund you must be a member in good standing of the Local Union for a period of one (1) year prior to application for benefits.

The purpose of the Supplementary Benefit Trust Fund is to provide assistance to members and their dependents as stipulated by the rules and regulations defining eligibility and benefits itemized below. As a Board of Trustees we suggest that you as a member familiarize yourself with the benefits available to you.



No member shall be eligible for Supplementary Benefit Trust Fund benefits unless that member has had a minimum of three hundred (300) hours of contributions remitted on his/her behalf by a contributory employer within twenty-four (24) months of the date of application to the Supplementary Trust Fund Benefit Plan.

Exceptions to the "300 Hour Rule" include the following:

1. Applicant members attending full time courses at accredited institutions (i.e. University, College, N.A.I.T. etc.)
2. Applicant members working for employers that remain nonsignatory, but whose job description is not viewed as being in direct competition with U.A. Local #488 employers.

Examples of this would include all categories of employment as contained within the meaning and intent of the revised Article 4.01 of our Bylaws and Working Rules and termed to be "Special Code" such as:
1. Members employed full time with any industrial or institutional plant excluding those employees of a contractor or subcontractor doing trade related work (i.e. Syncrude, Suncor, Shell, Dow, etc.)
2. Members employed as superintendents or consultants on U.A. Local #488 jobsites only who remain ineligible for hourly benefit remittances as contained within our Registered Collective Agreements.
3. Members employed in the Quality Control sector who are not covered by the Q.C.C. National Agreement and who remain ineligible for hourly benefit remittances. This group does not include members working for a non-union or "union of convenience" contractor who are classified as working "trade related".
4. Members employed "trade related" or as superintendents, inspector, or consultants outside of Canada.
3. Any member employed full time with the United Association Canadian Office where it remains impossible to remit benefits on the members behalf.
4. Any member with a prolonged serious illness or injury as evidenced by H & W records over a period of one (1) year or more.
5. Any retired or disabled member receiving pension from Local #488 and who remains in good standing. Any of the above noted exceptions may be reviewed by the Board of Trustees if the individual member has been found to be consistently working against the Local Union's Bylaws and Working Rules regarding abuse of "trade related" work.



Bursaries will be made available to Journeyman and Apprentice members of the Local Union or their dependent children providing:

1.01 The claimants for Advanced Education Bursaries are in full time attendance at any accredited Post Secondary Education Facility. Full time means full time as defined by the accredited facility.

1.02 All claims must be made within twenty-four (24) months of registration.

1.03 The claimant must successfully complete the term year attended.

1.04 Journeyman Members, in order to qualify must be members in good standing of the Local Union for a period not less than one (1) year from the date of application.

1.05 Apprentice Members, in order to qualify must:

1. Have completed the second year of their apprenticeship program.
2. Be a member in good standing of the Local Union for one (1) year.
3. Have satisfied the Trustees that neither the apprenticeship contract nor the post secondary program is in jeopardy of default.

1.06 Dependent Children, in order to qualify must:

1. Meet the definition of dependent children as stipulated by the Income Tax Act of Canada.
2. Maintain single status.
3. Have commenced their chosen program before attaining the age of twenty-five (25) years or have commenced their program within three (3) years of completing their secondary education, whichever shall first occur.

1.07 Dependent Children of Deceased Members: In the event of the death of a member in good standing of the Local Union, bursaries may be granted to their dependent children providing the spouse has not remarried.

1.08 Schedule of Payment The value of bursary maximums will be established as follows:

1. 2 year diploma programs at recognized post secondary institutions - $1,550.00 per term year
2. University degree or equivalent programs -to a maximum of $3,100.00 per term year
3. Recognized specialty institutions - i.e. computer colleges, hair dressing schools, etc. - $1,550.00 per term year.

1.09 Bursaries Outside of Alberta Bursaries for attendance at accredited post secondary facilities outside the Province of Alberta will be reimbursed to the maximum outlined in Clause 1.08 - Schedule of Payment.

1.10 Applications All applications must be made on authorized forms provided by the Trustees and must:

1. Be addressed to the Local Union #488 Supplementary Benefit Trust Fund c/o the Local Union Office.
2. Be accompanied by a duplicate copy of the claimants birth certificate, official transcript of term year marks, proof of completion and duplicate receipt(s) for tuition fees.

1.11 The Supplementary Benefit Trust Fund will only reimburse up to completion of ONE (1) Post Secondary Educational Program.



2.01 All Journeyman members, in good standing of the Local Union who hold valid Alberta welding tickets are eligible to receive partial reimbursements, as determined by the Board of Trustees, for the cost of requalification providing:

1. The original receipts must accompany their application.
2. The test must be for requalification or renewal of a previously held ticket. Initial testing will not be reimbursed except where a potential member, upon a successful initial test subsequently becomes a member in "good standing".
3. The application must be made on authorized forms provided by the Trustees, and addressed c/o Local Union office.
4. The application for reimbursement must be made before eighteen (18) months have passed from the date the receipt was issued.
5. For U.A. Local #488 members requalifying their tickets at the U.A. Local #488 test facility, reimbursement shall be paid at a maximum of $65.00 per test. All requalifications performed separate and apart from the U.A. Local #488 test facility shall be reimbursed at a maximum of $45.00 per test.



3.01 If a member of the Local Union is subpoenaed to appear for selection of jurors, crown witness, or in response to a subpoena for the defense for criminal trials, the resulting loss of wages may be reimbursed providing:

1. The claimant must be a member in good standing of the Local Union.
2. Reimbursement shall be in accordance with the current Collective Agreement and will not exceed a maximum of journeyman rate of pay for normal straight time hours, plus holiday pay.
3. Any payment received from the courts will be deducted from the above payment.

3.02 Application

1. Applications must be made on authorized forms provided by the Trustees and addressed to the Local Union #488 Supplementary Benefit Fund c/o the Local Union Office.
2. The application must be accompanied by the statement from the court.
3. The claim must be made prior to the passing of twelve (12) months from the issuance of the statement by the court.



4.01 The Supplementary Benefit Fund Trustees will consider requests from members for special assistance upon written application.

4.02 The Fund may reimburse up to a maximum of seven hundred and fifty dollars ($750.00) per family, per year for travel expense to seek or obtain medical attention where there is sufficient evidence to warrant such travel.

4.03 The Trust Fund will provide grants to members in good standing for the training of single dependent children with learning or other disabilities. These disabilities shall include any handicap where specialized training is required for the individual to obtain future self sufficiency.

4.04 Claims must be made in writing and must be accompanied by the proper documentation supporting the claim.

4.05 Dependent children are defined in Section 1, Clause 1.06



5.01 Members in good standing of the Local Union who wish to attend a Union recognized program in preretirement counselling may obtain a refund for registration fees upon completion of written application and the application must be accompanied with the proper receipts.



6.01 The Supplementary Benefit Trust Fund will provide "at no charge" tickets to the Local Union's Annual Banquet and Dance for all "NON-WORKING" retired members, their spouses and widows. For purposes of clarification the term "non working" retired members shall mean any member who is recorded as a "life member" and whose name is not on the out-of-work board nor recorded as working trade related.

6.02 Upon presentation of proper receipts the fund will also reimburse the retired members, spouse or widow for local transportation to and from the Local Union's Annual Banquet and Dance.



7.01 The Supplementary Benefit Fund will provide funding to assist organizations who provide services and facilities for charitable projects.

7.02 Applications must be made in writing and addressed to the Local Union #488 Supplementary Benefit Fund c/o the Local Union Offices. The Trustees will consider requests for assistance twice yearly in the months of April and October. Claims must be received no later than March 31 or September 30. Payment will only be paid on one claim per year.



8.01 All claims for funding or assistance will be judged and dealt with by the Board of Trustees based upon their individual merit.

8.02 All plan benefits are dependent upon availability and the continued existence of the Fund. Nothing contained within the plan document is to be construed in any way as a guarantee of the payment of benefits. Exceptional or extenuating circumstances may, in the absolute discretion of the Trustees of the Fund, be considered in circumstances where the granting of a benefit would not otherwise be allowed. Should the plan or any portion thereof be declared invalid or inoperative by action or law, or any competent authority, then the remainder shall be unaffected thereby.