EPT Education Trust Fund Committee Members:

Rodney Carlson

Barry Pruden


The Edmonton Pipe Trades Educational Trust Fund was established through Negotiations in 1964 and consists of six (6) Trustees of which three (3) were appointed by the Mechanical Contractors Association. The three (3) Union Trustees are elected by the Local Union membership for a three (3) year term in accordance with Article III, Clause 3.01 contained herein. The Fund is financed by a per hour contribution contained in the various Collective Agreements. The purpose of this Fund is to provide Trade Related Educational Upgrading for journeymen and apprentices at little or no substantial cost to the member. In order to obtain benefits from this Fund you must be a member in good standing for a period of one year, attend eighty (80%) per cent of all classes, and must pass the test required for the course you attend. The benefits extend not only to Union operated courses, but to qualifying courses at outside institutions such as NAIT, SAIT, and community colleges. The established cost of training a member of Local 488 in any course paid for through the Education Trust Fund may be assessed to the member if he or she is found to be working in contravention of the UA Constitution and/or Local 488 Bylaws & Working Rules. When you are enrolled in outside programs you must register in advance with the Education Department and provide any proof required in order to receive reimbursement. All outside programs must be directly trade related. For further information on courses and course requirements please consult the Education Trust Fund booklet or the website at www.local488.ca.