Benevolent Fund Members:

Shelley Klassen

Christina Sadoway

Sonia Heer

Richard Boisvert

Amanda LaRose

Jim (Jimbo) Brown



The Local Union 488 Benevolent Fund was established in 1952, with the intent and purpose of providing assistance to members and their dependants exposed to financial hardship incurred through disability or death, and was the forerunner to the establishment of the present Edmonton Pipe Industry Health & Welfare Trust Fund.

The Committee consists of six (6) members elected by the Local Union for a three (3) year term in accordance with Article III, Clause 3.01 contained herein.

The funding of the Local Union 488 Benevolent Fund is achieved by the Local Union diverting $0.50 (fifty cents) per member per month of your Union Membership dues in order to allow for the Funds operation.

Itemized below are the rules and regulations defining eligibility and benefits provided by the Fund and as a Committee we would suggest you the membership familiarize yourselves with the benefits available to you.



1.01 The Applicant must be a member in good standing of the Local Union in accordance with the United Association Constitution for a minimum period of three (3) months in order to be eligible for benefits from this Fund.

1.02 The Applicant must be incapacitated or disabled for a period of more than thirty (30) days in order to receive benefits from this Fund.

1.03 Proof of disability, sickness or accident, must be in writing from a medical Doctor (Physician) and must be included with your application for benefits. In addition the Committee will accept photostatic copies of medical certificates submitted by the Health and Welfare Office and/or letters signed by the Business Manager.

1.04 The Proof of Disability Statement must show the nature of the disability, initial date disabled and the possible duration of the disability period or the date when eligible to return to work.

1.05 All claims must be submitted to the Local Union Office within sixty (60) days of the period in which the claim may be payable.

1.06 Any member in good standing at the date of their disability who has an application pending for consideration by the Committee shall not be put into "Bad Standing" or have their membership terminated until such time as the Committee has reviewed the members application and made a decision regarding the claim.

1.07 The Benevolent Committee shall determine the validity of all claims taking into account the time lapse or other extenuating circumstances between the date of disability and the application for benefits.

1.08 Benefits will not be paid out of the Local Union #488 Benevolent Fund for self-inflicted injuries.

1.09 The Committee on review of such claims may approve or reject the claims.



Assistance will be provided in an amount to be determined by the Committee for temporarily disabled members.

In order to receive benefits you must be disabled for a minimum of thirty (30) days to be eligible.



3.01 The Fund will pay for obituary notices on behalf of all deceased members and this notice will be placed in the local newspapers, indicating the members name, date, place and time of the funeral.

3.02 The Fund will pay the cost of a memento for the funeral or alternatively allow a donation to a charitable organization designated by the deceased's family, if requested.

3.03 The cost of the benefits provided under 3.01 or 3.02 above shall be limited to a maximum of fifty ($50.00) dollars or an amount as amended by the Committee from time to time.