Alberta Building Trades Committee Members:

Rob Rankin

Shelley Klassen

Jack Hubler

Carl (Flip) Wilson

Cody Telford

Jim Homeniuk

Glen Sargent


The Building Trades of Alberta was established in 1945 and is a body in which all Craft Unions participate as Local Unions. The number of delegates the Local Union is allowed at the Building Trades Convention is governed by the Rules and Bylaws of the Building Trades of Alberta. The Local Union has a standing committee of seven (7) delegates. The delegates are elected by the membership for a three (3) year term in accordance with Article III, Clause 3.01 contained herein. The primary purpose of the Building Trades Council is to act as one body to further the common interests of all Trades, as affiliates, to all levels of Government and the different Contractor Group(s) we, as a Local Union deal with on an ongoing basis.