Benevolent Fund

Benevolent Fund Members:

Doug Bosse

Jim (Jimbo) Brown

Sonia Heer

Shelley Klassen

Amanda Larose

Barry Pruden


The Local Union 488 Benevolent Fund was established in 1952, with the intent and purpose of providing assistance to members and their dependants exposed to financial hardship incurred through disability or death, and was the forerunner to the establishment of the present Edmonton Pipe Industry Health & Welfare Trust Fund.

Election Committee

Election Committee Members:

Dave Campbell

Dennis Deans

Glen Aspen

David Olechow

Ingrid Franchuk​


This important Committee was established to ensure that our Organization maintains a permanent standing committee for the conduct of all UA Local 488 nominations, elections, and/or ratification votes that may be required.

Entertainment Committee

Entertainment Committee Members:

Ronald Belter

Doug Bosse

Jim (Jimbo) Brown 

Pascal Contant

Sonia Heer 

Kenneth Nolan

Kevin Rankin

Randy Southworth

Mike Todd               


The Local Union 488 Entertainment Committee was established by the membership of the Local Union many years ago and consists of six (6) Union Members. The Committee is elected by the membership for a three (3) year term in accordance with

Article III, Clause 3.01 of the By-Laws and Working Rules contained here.

Health & Safety Committee

Health & Safety Committee Members:

Brett Buck

Rodney Guimaraes

Andy Gruber

Geary Hanlon 

Manfred Patel


This Committee was established in January, 1991. It highlights the importance and concern that the members of UA Local 488 attach to the many ongoing health and safety concerns within our industry. The Committee's mandate can be generalized in the following manner:

Joint Conference Board / Negotiating Committee

Negotiating/Joint Conference Board Members:

Frank Barton

Dennis Berrecloth

Nicole Marofke

Glen Sargent

Carl (Flip) Wilson

Roger Wolsey


The Joint Conference Board/Negotiating Committee was established by the Local Union as a Joint Committee in January, 1982.

The Committee consists of six (6) members elected or appointed by the Local Union membership for a term of three (3) years in accordance with Article III, Clause 3.01.

Supplementary Benefit Fund

Supplementary Trust Fund Committee Members:

Ken Klassen

Rod McKay

Robert Taylor

Bill Wilson

Carl J. Wilson 


This fund is a Group SUB Plan of our members working within the Industrial, Commercial, Institutional and Fabrication sectors and has been approved by Human Resources Development Canada. It does NOT cover members for Pipeline and Sprinkler sector Employers.

As with any plan operated with guidelines set forth by revenue Canada, it must be operated within strict parameters.