Executive/Trial Board Members:

Jimbo Brown

Jason Matychuk

Kenneth Nolan

Rob Rankin

Duties of the Local Union Executive Board

Regarding the duties of the Local Union Executive Board, a careful reading of section 113 of the United Association Constitution should make it clear that there should not be any conflict between the duties of the Local Executive Board and the local union officers. Section 113 clearly states: The Local Union Executive Board shall, between the meetings of the local union, transact such business as may be referred to it by the local union, or the duly elected Local Union Officers.

Thus, the Local Executive Board has no constitutional authority to assume to itself the authority or power to act on its own motion and assume control and supervision over any matter or business of the local union unless it is referred to it by the local union or the local union officers.

As local union members, the members of the Local Executive Board have all the rights and privileges of any other member, and may very well make motions as members at local union meetings which would require that certain business be referred to the Local Executive Board for disposition. Other than that, they are not local union officers and only function as officers when they meet in a body as the Local Executive Board.

We cannot emphasize too strongly that a Local Executive Board does not have authority to run the affairs of the local union. This is the responsibility of the duly elected officers, and specifically the Business Manager under the provisions of Sections 103 and 104 of the United Association Constitution. The Local Executive Board only has authority between membership meetings to consider and act upon matters referred to it by the local union membership meetings or by the duly elected officers.