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Representative's Message

Refrigeration Rep Edmonton: Brian Hearn's Message

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Refrigeration Representative- Brian Hearn- March 2015 Report

Brothers and Sisters

I would like to start with a safety moment:  distracted driving has now overtaken drunk driving when it comes to the cause of accidents. In our industry, our members drive hundreds of thousand kilometers a year in company service vehicles and their own private vehicles. PLEASE pull over if for any reason you cannot keep your focus on the road. Remember, your life and others lives are more important than any text you might possibly need to read. 

Over the past several years we have gone to mail-in ballots for most elections and votes concerning the Local. For those who do remember, decisions used to be made at Refrigeration Union meetings, allowing forty or fifty members to decide the fate of hundreds on issues like allocations for health/welfare pensions.

You, the member have the right and obligation to make your choices in all these decisions by retuning your ballots. If you choose not to, then others will make these decisions for you. Information is sent with the packages to help inform the members who are unable to attend meetings due to the shifts they work or where they live. Remember, Local 488 has approximately 140 members working in the Wood Buffalo area at any given time.

The percentage of ballots retuned is, in my opinion, very low.  Local 488 works very hard at getting this information out to members, so again, this is your and family’s future. We are fortunate to live in a society where you do have the freedom to vote on issues that directly affect you...Please take the time to exercise that right and VOTE!

We have been working with Black & MacDonald at Surmount 2 in Fort McMurray. They were awarded some commissioning work on HVAC equipment. Four of our Refrigeration Members did this work alongside other trades. The client owner was impressed with the work performed and this lead to a non-union company being removed from site and Black & MacDonald being awarded the maintenance. Since then, six more members are now working at the site with more calls coming in.

This information was shared at the last General Membership Meeting and was greeted with applause from those in attendance.  Our members worked hard to accomplish this, and I would like to personally thank those members!  You know who you are! And thanks to both Colin Cormier and Craig Miller for making this happen.

Remember you belong to a democracy! It is your right and obligation to vote as a member.

Get involved!    

Brian Hearn

Refrigeration Rep Calgary: Bryan Rooney