Fort McMurray Monument - Petition For Support

Over the years, tens of thousands of members of Alberta’s building trades sacrificed time away from their families and personal lives in order to build oilsands projects over the past fifty years.

These projects have enhanced the lives of the Alberta and Canadian building trades workers and their families. Unfortunately, they have also been the source of hundreds of tragic losses of lives and injuries due to industrial and highway traffic accidents.

For those who have lost their lives, Brother Allan Hansen is spearheading a petition drive to build a monument dedicated to the women and men of Alberta and Canada who made possible the production of synthetic crude from the oilsands during the last 50 years.

This petition will be made available for signatures beginning September 16 at the Annual General Meeting - the petition will remain at the coffee counter at Dispatch for the foreseeable future. Please click on the link for background on this endeavour and take the time to sign the petition to honour those who have fallen.