SMS msg is now available for Local 488 Trade Information


Sign Up For SMS Messages and never miss another update.

Easy Sign Up.

Steps to take if you have a Local 488 website account.

1. You must be logged in.

2. Click the Edit tab above the Work Status Bar in your account.


3. Two choices appear  Account  and Mobile SMS.

4. Chose Mobile SMS



5. Enter your mobile phone number in the Phone number field.

6. Press confirm.



7. A SMS message will be sent to your mobile device.  Click the SMS message on your phone to verify your mobile number.

8. You are ready to receive SMS messages.



Steps to take to opt in to SMS messaging when creating your Local 488 website account

Towards the bottom of the "account sign up form" there is a Subscribe section" and you can chose to opt in to SMS messaging there.


1. click the check box to receive updates from Local 488 by SMS (text messaging)


2. When you click the check box a field appears for you to enter your cell phone number.
    Enter your mobile phone number.


3. When you complete the sign up process a message will be sent to your email account for you to confirm your Local 488 account.

          This will take you back to Local 488 where you will create a password and complete the opt in for SMS messaging.

3 a. To complete the SMS opt in a window will prompt you to enter the confirmation code that was sent to your mobile phone.

4. Enter the code and click the blue confirm number button.




Your are ready to receive SMS messages.