Our goal at Local 488 is to limit personal contact during the COVID- 19 pandemic. Please note that as a precautionary measure, Local 488 will be closed until further notice. All dispatching will take place via the website - local488.ca/dispatch. If you need help with the Online Dispatch Form, please go to the Dispatch page on the website. On the lower right hand side, please click the “How To Guide For Online Dispatch Requests.” 

Dispatch will be members, travel cards, and permits in order of out-of-work date. To get your name hire we ask that you contact the main number at the Edmonton Office (780) 452-7080 or our Fort McMurray office (780) 791-6488 and it will be sent to you via email. The Alberta Pipe Trades College and Local 488 Welding Shop will only be open for essential services such as Apprenticeship Training, Work Ready Work Force training and Weld Testing with a Dispatch slip.

As we are closed, we ask that you contact our Business Agents via their phone numbers which can be located on the website. We appreciate your patience and ask you to continue to monitor the Local 488 website for updates.​