Introduction to PDFs housed in each of the following areas:


This Independent Agreement covers all work carried out in the Fabrication and Manufacturing establishments throughout the jurisdiction of UA Local Union #488. In reflecting the wages, benefits, and conditions of the Industrial portion of the ICI Agreement, it represents a grouping of the most highly paid fabrication divisions found anywhere in North America.

These superior wages and conditions reflect the quality, craftsmanship, and productivity of the UA Local Union #488 members who make a living in this specific sector of our industry. The modular fabrication operations which usually accompanies these facilities is carried out under the terms and conditions of the ICI sector and forms an integral part of our well-known and efficient Fabrication Facilities.

General Presidents Committee

The National 'General Presidents Committee' Agreement is designed around the 'long-term' maintenance aspects of Canadian clients.

Any contractor signatory to this particular Agreement must guarantee a long-term commitment, over a minimum of one (1) year operations, and must employ a minimum of four (4) trades throughout this period of time.

Industrial Commercial Institutional

Mechanical (Plumbers & Pipe Fitters) Covering Industrial, Commercial and Institutional Work

This Collective Agreement between UA Local Union #488, UA Local Union #496, and our signator contractors, represented by Construction Labour Relations, Alberta (CLRa) is a Registered Agreement for the Province of Alberta. It is covered under Registration Certificate #27 and represents all mechanical piping work carried out within the Industrial, Commercial, and Institutional sectors of this Province.

The UA Local Union #488 industrial portion of this Agreement jurisdiction extends from Latitude 52:15 (Red Deer), north to the furthest reaches of the Northwest Territories. It is bounded on its borders by the Province of British Columbia to the west and the Province of Saskatchewan to the east.

This specific Collective Agreement covers the majority of employment within our Local Union and sets the monetary and benefit levels for both the Fabrication and GPC/NMA Maintenance Agreements.

National Maintenance Agreement

The 'National Maintenance Agreement', the GPC's close cousin, was later established to represent short-term shutdown requirements for various clients throughout Canada.

Both Agreements are designed to remain competitive and are negotiated by and represented through delegates selected from the International Offices of the various involved Building Trades Affiliates.

These Agreements usually run for a term of approximately three (3) years and the following represents a breakdown of signatory contractors for both the long-term GPC and the short-term NMA Agreements.


UA Local Union #488 represents a significant participant in the UA Canadian National Pipeline Agreement due to its historic participation in pipeline construction since the discovery of oil in the Leduc region in 1947. Since that time, the Alberta Oil and Gas Industry has produced one of the most intricate and integrated pipeline systems in the world.

The Canadian National Pipeline Agreement has been in place for many years and is negotiated by a group of UA Representatives, affected Local Unions, and Pipeline Contractor Representatives under the auspices of the Pipeline Contractors Association of Canada (PLCAC). The current UA Mainline Pipeline Agreement of Canada was recently negotiated and has an effective date of May 1st, 2003 and runs until expiry on April 30th, 2007.

Quality Control Council

This National Agreement remains signatory between the Quality Control Council of Canada (QCCC) and the Employer group known as the Non-Destructive Testing Management Association (NDTMA), and recently celebrated twenty-seven (27) years of operations. It has proven to be one of the most successful alliances in our history and remains an amalgamation between the Boilermakers International and the United Association since inception.

This Agreement covers all unionized quality control and stress relieving work in Canada and remains sectorized by region. UA Local Union #488 is representative of the Prairie Region and is closely aligned with Boilermaker Lodge #146 and UA Local Union #496 - Calgary.


The unionized Refrigeration Industry within Alberta remains a vibrant, successful, and integral part of UA Local Union #488. Throughout successive years of organizing and efficient usage of qualified and efficient tradespeople, this industry has witnessed extraordinary growth, with more than 10 new contractors signing on since the last Agreement in 2007 - 2011.

Today, this sector is represented by over forty (40) contractors engaged in province-wide construction, service, fabrication and maintenance of refrigeration systems. These signatory contractors are varied in size and represent businesses ranging from 3 to 350 employees.


The UA Local Union #488 Sprinkler Fitter members are represented by the two above-noted Agreements. The vast majority of these members are covered under the UA Canadian National Agreement which is currently under negotiation.

The UA Local Union #488 members employed within this sector represent a vibrant young group of tradespeople whose industry currently enjoys full employment. The usage of the original Sprinkler Market Enhancement Recovery Fund (SMERF), in conjunction with ongoing organizing, has helped to ensure this full employment scenario.