Now More Than Ever, It's Important to Create a User Account With Local 488 

Before you start, please add: to your contacts and/or trusted senders list to ensure that you receive the required email to complete the registration.

Why create a user account on


Become a registered user of to streamline your dispatch request process and to make filling out the “Request a Dispatch Slip” form easier than ever, especially on mobile devices.

Your “Request a Dispatch Slip” form will be pre-populated with all your pertinent information:

  • Member or travel card or permit
  • UA card number
  • Home local
  • First name, last name, email
  • Trade qualifications
  • Date you signed the out of work board (or you will be able to add this information to your form)

As new features are added to the user account you will be able to view information of specific interest to you through your “My Account” dashboard:

  • Your account will have information regarding:
    • Dues and online dues payment
    • Trade and safety tickets registered with Local 488
    • Notices that relate to your trade

The devices (smart phones, laptops, ipads, etc.) you most often visit from can be set to keep you logged in for quick access.

Registered users will also gain access to new features as they are developed. Just follow the steps below to create your user account!

Easy to set-up. Easy to use

Visit    Click the account icon on the top-left navigation bar.    

488 Create account 1.jpg


You will be taken to a user screen. Click “Create new account”.

If you ever forget your password you can recover your password by clicking on "request new password" 
an email will be sent to you with a link so you can create a new password.

Most browsers can be set to remember your password and you can be logged in from any device that has remembered your password.

* If you do not fill out the Membership Verification form completely your "Request a Dispatch Slip" may not be completely pre-populated.

You can continue to use the dispatch as normal.

Update your Account

To update your account information due to changes in your trade qualifications or address, you can edit the form on your “My Account” page.

Or you may have to contact Local 488 or  fill out  the "change of address form"  on