UA Local 488

The United Association of Plumbers and Pipefitters Local Union 488 was created in Edmonton, Alberta on September 11, 1904 by seven local plumbers.

For over a century, Local 488 has grown with, evolved with, and built Northern Alberta. Today, Local Union 488 is the single largest supplier of pipe trades professionals in Canada representing plumbers, steamfitter – pipefitters, welders, instrumentation technicians, sprinkler fitters, refrigeration mechanics, pipeline workers, and a variety of specialty crafts.

The cornerstone of success for Local 488 has been its unwavering commitment to industry training which has resulted in the Alberta Pipe Trades College – a once world class industry training institution. In addition to our regional training initiatives, we have the ability to recruit equally trained individuals from our affiliated Local Unions across North America.

Explore a Partnership

If you would like one of us to speak with you, business to business, about the advantages of a partnership with Local 488, please let us show you how a relationship with us will pay off for you.

Call us at 780-452-7080 and let us know if you're in the commercial sector or industrial sector. 

Labour Supply for Employers

Local 488 has the ability to call on more certified pipe tradespeople than any other entity on the continent. We are connected to unions throughout Canada and the US with our American Red Seal Program and the ability to draw United Association workers from the US. 

Saving on your bottom line

‘Signing on’ to a union partnership cuts enormous amounts of time and money from your current recruitment efforts. And that saving goes straight to your bottom line.

Providing the safest workers

The United Association has a committed program of supplying top skilled tradepersons to our clients from Canadians as well as American Local Unions. Union members are the safest workers you can find, period. The first thing new members tell us when they leave the non-union sector is how amazed they are at the top-down commitment to safety – by both employers and the union – that there is on union job sites.

Standard for Excellence

"Our relationship with Local 488 has been long and successful. At a time when lots of contractors are having serious issues with manpower supply, our experience has not been nearly as harsh at it would be without the union. We're doing more volume now than ever before. The union Hiring Hall is an advantage, but the biggest advantage is the people at the union. We call them with our needs, and they work very hard to satisfy us. It’s very much a partnership. They’ve done their best to make sure that their product – which is skilled tradespeople – is the best possible. Their people are competent and capable. When it comes to the skills part of the relationship, their people are second to none. The union is very conscious of the quality of their product. They’re spent an enormous amount of money on their training centre."

Don Grundy, Arpi’s North

Sowing Seeds Across Alberta

Enhancing jobsite safety, worker conditions, and worker benefit plans are commitments that UA Local 488 has made to the men and women that bring their skills and talents to the job sites we represent.