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Refrigeration Sector

Refrigeration Representatives:

Edmonton Main Office 780-452-7080

Refrigeration Rep Edmonton: Brian Hearn 780-288-6505 (Calgary) 403-875-7224 Email: brian.hearn@local488.ca

Refrigeration Rep Calgary: Bryan Rooney 587-999-2892 Email: bryan.rooney@local488.ca

Please click here to see the results of the  May 2014 Ratification vote for the Refrigeration sector. May 2014 Refrigeration Wage Increase: Click here for details.

 Refrigeration Representative- Brian Hearn- January 2015 Report


The 2014 holiday season has come and gone; New Year resolutions have most likely done the same. However, let’s remember they can always be reset! Here’s hoping that you and your families had safe and fun times over the holidays.

The work situation in all of Alberta for refrigeration is steady, however there needs to be changes made to help with a stronger path forward and to encourage growth.

It was announced at the last refrigeration meetings held in Edmonton and Calgary that there will be two refrigeration meetings held yearly instead of four. If required, Special Called meetings will be held. As well, after getting feedback from members there will be apprentice only meetings held in February of 2015 with the date TBA, in Edmonton and Calgary.

It’s been eight months since Brother Bryan Rooney was hired to help represent UA local 488 Refrigeration in Alberta and he has settled in to the Calgary office. As with any new position there is a steep learning curve that he has embraced with respect and passion.

Now that Brother Rooney is in place we are both looking at more organizing for 2015 for the entire province. In my opinion, Alberta has three distinct areas that require different mind sets; we have the Wood Buffalo (Fort McMurray) area, mid and southern Alberta.

We need your help Brothers and Sisters! Without your input, the task is daunting, if not impossible so don’t hesitate to contact us with information. If somebody is asking, please give then our information.  It is the responsibility of all members to help organize the unorganized.

It’s YOUR Union! Get INVOLVED!