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Refrigeration Representatives:

Edmonton Main Office 780-452-7080

Refrigeration Rep Edmonton: Brian Hearn 780-288-6505 (Calgary) 403-875-7224 - Email: brian.hearn@local488.ca

Refrigeration Rep Calgary: Bryan Rooney 587-999-2892 Email: bryan.rooney@local488.ca

Refrigeration Meeting Notice: Click here for more details, including dates & times for the upcoming Refrigeration meetings. All Refrigeration Members are encouraged to attend one of these important meetings!

November 2013 Refrigeration Wage Increase: Click here for details.

 Edmonton Pipe Industry Benefit Plan: Click here to see a comparison chart for the Edmonton Pipe Industry Benefits Plan vs. the Alberta Refrigeration Industry Plan

 Refrigeration Representative- Brian Hearn- March 2014 Report:

Greetings, Brothers and Sisters!

At our last union meetings held in Edmonton and Calgary respectfully, Brother Larry Matychuk announced a further path forward for UA Local 488 Refrigeration in southern Alberta, with the hiring of a Business Representative for the area as promised. By the time you receive this newsletter, the hiring process through Local 488’s Executive Board will have taken place, and a member selected for this important position. However, due to a position for assistant dispatcher also going through the same process, the interview for refrigeration date had to be moved and, as I write this, that member had not yet been hired. I would like to thank all the members who applied for the position as it shows their commitment to UA Local 488.

Brothers and Sisters, as I have stated in previous newsletters, the commitment made by Brother Larry Matychuk and your Executive Board brings with it a great deal of responsibility that you, the members of UA Local 488 Refrigeration, not just from southern Alberta but the entire refrigeration membership, will have to shoulder. We have been given a great opportunity to grow not only our membership but our market share as well, not just in Alberta but Canada wide. Good news travels fast in our industry; just go to the wholesalers and have a coffee. I am asking you all to get involved. Talk to your brother, help each other when asked, talk to the non-union guy you went to school with or are still going to school with, or at your hockey league. We all know people who have started their own business as a two-man-band that changes to twenty-two. With your involvement, growth is possible.

As you are aware, we have been in negotiations for some time and I am very optimistic your negotiating committee will have presented the membership with a report on their progress by the time you receive this newsletter.

The UA Canadian Skills Competition will be held in Edmonton at Local 488 this summer with preliminary competitions in Calgary at Local 496, and the education department is looking for Journeyman Refrigeration Mechanics to judge both in Edmonton and Calgary. If you’re interested, please contact me by e-mail at brian.hearn@local488.caand I will forward your information on to education. I encourage all apprentices to put their names forward to compete in both the UA Skills and Skills Canada competitions. Again, you can contact me for further information.  

I receive numerous calls regarding members that have gone into bad standing and I would like to remind all members that union dues are your responsibility.

 There will be a grand opening announcement upcoming for the Calgary office in late spring or early summer and I hope all make an effort to attend. In closing, I would like to thank you all for your continuing support and help. It’s your Union get involved.  For those members who missed it last time, here is the address for the Calgary Office:

UA Local 488 Refrigeration Calgary Office

165-6223 2ndStreet, SE

Calgary, AB T2H 1J5

Office (403) 253-3516

Fax (403) 253-3534


          Brian Hearn